Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Crosskix APX Rose Azure Shoe Review

Crosskix APX Rose Azure Shoe Review
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Crosskix APX Rose Axure shoe for free from Crosskix in consideration for a gear review. All opinions are my own.

Think of the same material as Crocs but sporty-cool looking, that's what Crosskix APX shoes are. When I saw the pics of this shoe, I knew I had to try them out. It's summer and I was in the market for a new water type shoe so I was excited to try them out.

When I received them in the mail I couldn't wait to test them. I really liked how the shoes looked. I chose the color pink or Rose Azure as they label it and was very happy with the color because they stand out and look great.
Crosskix APX Rose Azure Shoes
The shoes are made of EVA foam composite and are pretty lightweight. They are lighter than normal shoes and feel like the same material as Crocs. I like that they are completely water submersible. I thought they were mainly for the water but also from browsing their website, the shoes are also good for walking, hiking, running, and even obstacle course races. 

I first tried them out on evening walks with the kiddos. They are very comfortable and fit nicely. I even played some hoops with Hubby and soccer with the kiddos and they worked well wearing them. They are great for wearing daily as well. I have been wearing them everywhere from doing errands at the grocery and Target, trips to the library, and taking the boys to their swim lessons.

Crosskix APX Rose Azure shoes everyday wear
I have not done a longer type run in them, but they do seem like they would work well for short races like a 5k. They have been great for short bursts of speed when playing both basketball and soccer.

I did take the shoes on our backpacking trip to Desolation Wilderness because I figured it would be nice for the lakes we visited. The Crosskix are lightweight but not super light weight. I don't recommend this for backpackers that want something super light, because they aren't. They are over a pound and for backpacking that is heavy for some. However, I felt they were light enough to take for me and they were worth the weight. It was really nice to slip into these after hiking. There were lots of granite rocks and the shoes actually gripped them well. They were sturdy enough to hike on rocks with and it was specially nice putting my feet in the cool lake. It was very convenient, and the shoes dried fast afterwards.
Backpacking with Crosskix APX Rose Azure
Crosskix APX Rose Azure shoes in water
Overall, I think these are really cool all around shoes for both water and land. They are stylish enough to wear everywhere and for all types of activities. From everyday wear to strolling the beach to hiking at alpine lakes, I can see many uses for these shoes. 
You can check them out at Crosskix's website here.

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