Sunday, June 1, 2014

Great Long Run and My Son Turns 5

Another busy weekend. Started it off with an early run with a couple of moms from the closest Moms Run This town Chapter. We met up at Mercer County Park, which was nice as I had never run there before (only taken my kids to play at the playground) and I found it exciting to run in a new place with new people. I really liked how we ended up chatting the whole time and our pace was still pretty good. I think it really does help to run with others as it can definitely push you. At times we were chatting and we were actually running at a fast pace and it did not even feel like it.

The route at the park was 3 miles out and 3 back, so I ran with them for almost 6 miles and then ended up doing the last 4 on my own (they weren't training for a half marathon like I was). The moms I met were both really nice and I'm looking forward to doing more runs with them and others in the group. 

It was neat too because there was a College Regatta scheduled at the Park and we saw people getting ready with their Crew boats out. It was nice seeing some boats on the water practicing while we ran. 
The rest of the weekend consisted of celebrating my son's 5th birthday. It's amazing how time flies. I can't believe he is 5 years old. 

His birthday is today, but we started celebrating yesterday. We did lots of fun things to makes sure he had a great birthday:

He got to order his first banana split.
We went to a carnival at the park where he went on some rides.
We watched fireworks!

 Jumped at BounceU
Played at a local Children's Museum
And of course had cake and presents. :)

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