Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy National Donut Day!

Today is National Donut Day!  I love donuts! I guess I can say that I run so I can eat donuts. My favorite type of donut is the chocolate frosted ones just like the one my son is eating below. :) 

Yesterday I got in a good 3 miles and did a little strength training (arm work with weights, push ups, and did some planks to work the core). 
Rest day today according to the training schedule I'm following for the Seattle half marathon on the 21st. Saturday's run won't happen, but I plan to do the 11 mile training run sometime on Sunday. 

If you haven't already checked it out, check out my post about hiking on the Imfitpossible blog. It's at
This morning is my 5 year old's Preschool Graduation. It should be fun to see. I'm also excited because we depart for Seattle. I'm so excited! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. We celebrated National Doughnut Day too! I also run so I can eat all the amazing junk food. It really works out perfectly. A new doughnut shop opened near us called Fractured Prune. You get to create your own flavors of doughnuts! It's amazing!

  2. Awesome you celebrated too! :) Fractured Prune sounds like a place where I could get into trouble. ;) Thank for visiting my blog!