Saturday, June 14, 2014

Running with my Sister

The last couple of runs I've done these past few days have been with my twin sister. It's so nice to run with her again! We had not run together since the Cherry Blossom Run last year. She is in a lot better shape than me since she has been doing full rounds of P90x and Focus T25, so she is a lot stronger and leaner. Ever since we were little we've competed with each other, so it's fun to try, but I know that I can't really compete with her now because she is so fit. ;)

On Thursday morning we did 10 X 400's. Boy were they tough! My sister is a lot faster than I am, so she pushed me, which was great!

Friday, we took a rest day. Today, we ran 3 miles. Again, she pushed me because I know she is fast. Just knowing she is fast, makes me faster. :)
Tomorrow we have a long 12 mile run. It will be our last long run until the Seattle Rock and Roll Half marathon next Saturday. 

What helps push you to run?
Any long runs this weekend? If so how far?


  1. How fun to run together! I have sisters (not twins) who are all runners and I have just been sitting here thinking it's been years since I have ran with any of them. I really should change that!
    Great pace you guys have! God luck next weekend at your race!!!!

    1. Thanks! I do really enjoy the time I can run with my sister especially since we live so far away from each other. Hope you find time to run with yours. :)