Sunday, July 13, 2014

6 miler & Canoeing w/ the Fam

Got in a good 10K this morning on the D&R Canal Trail. Even got rained on but I actually didn't mind as it felt pretty refreshing in the heat. 

I ran it in a decent pace and felt pretty strong. I think that the T25 workouts are really helping!

After my morning run, Hubby and I wanted to do something fun for the kiddos that the kiddos have not yet tried. With the D&R Canal so close by why not go canoeing? There is a rental place right by where I run. I actually go by it every time I run on the canal.
We rented our canoes from Princeton Canoe and Kayak Rental. We went with renting a canoe as it could fit all four of us. The kayaks looked fun as we passed many kayaks on the water, but we'll wait to try them when the kiddos are older.
Here are the boys excited to get in the canoe. The life jackets are required and provided which is great. It's also pretty neat as they even had little oars for the kiddos and nets for them if they wanted to catch things in the water.
The boys in the canoe
 It was pretty nice canoeing on the canal! The weather was just right.
 There were a lot of other people renting canoes or kayaks that we saw on the canal. It seems to be a popular activity.
Some nice scenery from our canoe!
 This is the little area where we rented from.
It was a fun canoe ride. The hourly rate was $15 so not bad! We went for an hour, but could easily see how you can go for longer. The kiddos enjoyed it, well the 3 year old not as much as our 5 year old. But it was still a great experience. :)


  1. How adorable that they had kid sized oars :) I haven't gone kayaking yet this summer, the weekends get filled so quickly! Hopefully I'll make it out by the fall.

    1. It was pretty cute! Hope you make it out on the water!

  2. What a great family day started off with a nice workout! Your kids are adorable and the pictures are beautiful!