Friday, July 18, 2014

Reasons to Take your Kiddos on a Picnic Lunch at the Park

I took the kiddos yesterday to the park for a picnic lunch on a whim. It was already getting close to lunch time when I realized we needed to get outside. We had started the day late as my kids slept in a bit and I got my daily workout in late. We had not done a picnic lunch at the park in a while, so I figured why not. It'd be perfect. 
Reasons to Take your Kiddos on a Picnic Lunch at the Park

1. It's a great idea when you start the day late. You can pull out the blanket first thing and have lunch. They will eat up and want to eat. I basically tell them that they need to eat their lunch if they want to play on the playground (this only works of course if there is a play structure nearby). 

2. It is actually nice to just sit and relax in a peaceful setting. The park we went to was pretty and we sat in the shade under a tree. The kiddos enjoyed eating outside, although I had to make sure bugs wouldn't get close to my 3 year old as he is not a fan of bugs.

3. There is no reason to rush home for lunch, since we just had lunch at the park. We can stay as long as they want. We spent about an hour and a half and they were actually the ones that said they wanted to go home. There was no crying or whining about staying longer. I did not have to drag one of the kiddos to get into the car. It was great! This was a big deal for me!

4. As always, at the park there are other Moms there to talk to. They are usually in the same boat as you with the kiddos, so they want some adult conversation too. You can get lots of great information and tips from other moms at settings like these. I got some great tips yesterday that I can't wait to take advantage of (tips on where to take the kiddos to a Spray Park that I didn't even know existed and another cool playground). 

5. It's a great outdoor activity for all!  It beats staying in on such a nice day. It's always nice to take advantage of great weather.

I'm happy that I took the boys to the park for a picnic lunch yesterday. It's something I will be doing more of. :)

Do you enjoy picnics at the park?

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