Sunday, July 27, 2014

Biking on the D&R Canal trail with the Kiddos

biking on D&R Canal TrailWith nothing planned Saturday afternoon, we decided to take the kiddos biking. Well, this time we would do the biking, while they sat in the bike trailer. They had not been in the bike trailer once this year, so we weren't sure how they would be in it for a long period. It wasn't a good sign when our 3 year old started to complain when he first got in. Turns out, it was just the strap. Phew! 

I brought a bunch of snacks and some water, so if they got hungry, they would have it there with them. I've learned many a times to always bring snacks, or else you will regret it. We didn't want whining and crying during the trip, so we are always prepared.

We rode from our place towards the D&R Canal trail. We had gone North towards Kingston, but this time we decided to head South towards Trenton. It was nice to go a different route. I had run that way before, but only to a certain point, so it was nice venturing further into new territory. We had to stop a few times along the way as both boys would say something about how far we were going. Hubby's goal was to make it to the bridge. Here is Hubby  heading up towards the bridge.
biking onto bridge on D&R Canal Trail
There they go across the bridge!
biking on D&R Canal Trail
A little break inside the bridge.
Hubby was curious as to how far we should go, which probably meant let's turn around now, but I looked at my runkeeper app that was keeping track of how far we were going and it was at 4.7  miles, so I figure why not go for the 5 miles. He agreed and then we switched bikes. Yes, we switched bikes, so I would be pulling the Kiddos. No wonder Hubby wanted to turn around. It is a lot tougher pulling the Kiddos on the trailer! 

It wasn't too horrible as I thought of it as a great workout! :) The 5 miles biking back to the house went great! It was really nice. It's great biking on the D&R Canal trail. It is actually really pretty.
biking on D&R Canal Trail
I don't even recall having to stop once. Whenever my 3 year old asked how much further, I kept telling him that we were getting closer. ;)
biking on D&R Canal Trail
Turned out to be a great workout for both Hubby and I. Did a little over 10 miles and I felt pretty good about it! Not sure if we'll be able to take the kiddos out on the trailer again as they say it is "boring" but we shall see. 

They are riding their bikes more, so maybe we will get a short family ride soon!


  1. beautiful pics! I would love to go on a bike ride soon - just need to get my flat fixed haha.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! :)