Saturday, December 13, 2014

Best Stocking Stuffers for Runners

The holidays are very near. Do you know a runner and need some ideas as to a small gift or stocking stuffer? Or are you a runner that needs to give some hints to family or a significant other on what to put in your stocking? Whatever the case, here is a list of some ideas I've come up with for some really great stocking stuffers for runners (in no particular order). All are under $25. :)

Simple hydration water bottle $19.99 - This is a great hydration bottle for running. It slides into your waistband, race belt, or pocket and it stays! Sometimes you even forget it is there! Check out my review of it here. Save 35% on your bottle by entering code "LOVE" at checkout (expires December 24th).
Nuun I started drinking Nuun this year and it is great! Lots of great flavors and hydrates me well during my runs. 4 pack $17.09 on Amazon 
Touch Screen Gloves I have these ones. Nothing fancy. They are simple and keep my hands warm while running. They work nicely when I need to use my cell phone to start my music or running App. It's also great when I need to take pictures. I couldn't remember where I got them but found some here at Kohls for $6.00.
ShowerPill - I Recently just discovered them. They are antibacterial wipes for your body! I was given the opportunity to try ShowerPill through Fit Approach. They are great when you don't have the time to take a shower. I've been using them after I run and need to get errands done before I have to pick up the kiddos from school. 
What I really like about them is that they are thick and big! Bigger than a baby wipe. One wipe cleans the entire body! It dries quickly with no sticky residue. They have no parabens and are alcohol free. I like how they have been keeping me fresh and clean when I'm on the go (no more wondering if I am stinky in line at the grocery). These would also be great for after hikes and for camping! Right now you can save 20% off when you purchase 2 boxes of ShowerPill, just use holiday20 discount code (expires January 1, 2015) one box of 10 wipes is only $9.99.
Thorlos Experia Socks $14.99 - Great socks with padding in just the right places. Check out my review of them here.
Beanie - Great for cold winter days. So many different beanies to choose from. Here are some on Amazon $5 and up.
Gu or favorite Energy Gel $1.35 each at REI- Every runner loves to get Gu or their favorite energy Gel. I use Gu for a majority of my races. It helps give me that extra bit of energy to keep going for my half marathons.
That's my list. What would you like from this list? Anything to add?

Disclaimer: ShowerPill provided me with complimentary wipes to review. Everything contained in this post is my own opinion.


  1. Great gift ideas! I haven't tried Nuun, I hear it's great!

  2. I found 2 new-to-me GU flavors, salted watermelon and caramel macchiato, at - bought 10 and got a 10% discount and free shipping. GU gels got me to my recent 50K finish line!

  3. Love Nuun, sad they are getting rid of the iced tea flavor I like.

  4. Nice ideas! I like Nuun! I would love to try the Shower Pill wipes!

  5. Thanks Sherry! Me too, Nuun in my Simple Hydration bottle! :) ShowerPill is awesome!

  6. Ah, had no idea about that. Sorry to hear they are getting rid of it.

  7. Awesome! Sounds like a great deal! Both of those flavors sound good!!

  8. Thanks Janelle! Nuun is something definitely worth trying! :)

  9. Nice to know that Kohls sells those gloves. The ones I bought from Walmart (while nice at $2 a pair)... I can't use the touchscreen with them on.