Thursday, December 18, 2014

TBT Hiking Post - Another Trip to the Enchantments

Happy Thursday! Here's another TBT post. There are actually no more formal posts from Hubby (I thought there were more, but I was wrong) so all the posts from here on out will be of our favorite pics from each hike with a little recap of the trip. Today's post is of our last trip to the Enchantments. I'm saying our last because we end up moving to the East Coast in 2009. If we had our way we'd go to the Enchantments every year because it's so beautiful!

Enchantments 10/11/08 - 10/12/08
We were lucky to get passes through the lottery to go to the Enchantments again. The last time me and Hubby went was his Proposal to me in July of 2007. This trip we went with some good friends.
It was really cold this time around.
So cold it was icy in spots so we had to be very careful, especially as we headed up Aasgard Pass.
Group pic at the top of Aasgard.
The fall is a popular time to go to the Enchantments because of the larches (trees) turn color. Here is Hubby with some of the larch trees.
Our campsite.
After setting up camp, our goal was to head up Little Annapurna to visit the proposal site.
Turns out we didn't have enough time to get to the top as it was getting dark soon. We took in the good views though.
We could have stayed two nights, but decided the next morning that we would just stay one. It was a lot colder than we thought and it just wasn't as fun when it's cold. So we headed down towards Snow and Nada lakes.
Me and Hubby with Little Annapurna in the background.
More larches.
Heading down.
Happy we finished pic at the trailhead.
Stats: The through hike is 18 miles total and elevation gain of 6000 ft but we did  more for attempting to get to the top of Little Annapurna. The Enchantments will always be a special place for me. I've had so many good memories there. I can't wait till we go back and maybe take the kids one day. 


  1. Amazing!! Hope you are having a great time in Seattle!

  2. Thanks Jenny! Yes, it's so nice to be back. Have a great weekend!

  3. Your pictures are always so unbelievable beautiful! Always so adventurous!

  4. Thanks Diane!! I enjoy posting these because it's fun to look back at them. I miss the Pacific Northwest!!

  5. Wow, absolutely beautiful.