Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#MrSketchHoliday Scented Markers Fun for the Kiddos!

I don't know about you but I remember when I was in elementary school, I loved the Mr. Sketch scented markers. I remember smelling them and coloring/drawing with them all the time. They were the everyday markers we used and I enjoyed using them. So when I qualified for the #MrSketchHoliday Scented Marker mission through Smiley360. I was pretty excited. It brought back memories of drawing and coloring when I was younger. 

Through Smiley360, I received a complimentary 6 pack of Mr. Sketch Scented Stix holiday markers and also a $5 gift card to Walmart towards another pack of Mr. Sketch Scented markers of our choosing in exchange for an honest review. When I told the kiddos about the scented markers they were intrigued and excited. Intrigued because I told them they were different from regular markers because these ones had different smells. And excited because I told them we were getting another new pack of markers on our trip to Walmart. 

When we got to Walmart I was actually disappointed when we got there because there was not much of a selection. The only type they had left was the Movie Night Markers, so we went with that. 

After buying the markers from Walmart, the boys were excited to use them. They quickly went to smelling each marker. It was fun checking out all of the wacky and interesting flavors. Their favorites in the Holiday Stix were candy cane and Sugar Plum. We all were not fans of Chimney or Gingerbread. I normally like Gingerbread, but the smell of this marker was not like what I thought Gingerbread would be. And why have a marker that smelt like Chimney? Not the best smelling marker. :p

As to the Move Night package. The kiddos both liked Blue Slushy as it smelled like blueberry and Hard Candy because it smelled like strawberry. They did not like Nacho cheese (I even thought it was a bit strong) along with Buttery Popcorn.
After the smelling of all the markers, at times it looked like they were inhaling them, they finally started coloring. I had them make a Christmas Card and my 5 year old went right to it, while my 3 year old just drew. :)
You can get an idea of what my 3 year old drew above, while here is the finished product from my 5 year old.
Overall, the markers are great and the Mr. Sketch Holiday Stix would make great stocking stuffers. The kids enjoy coloring with the them and get a kick out of the fun scents! These limited edition Holiday Stix are only available during the Holiday Season, so make sure to check them out now. 

Have you used Mr. Sketch Scented markers? What's your favorite or least favorite scent?


  1. Payton did a great job with his card! The kiddos' favorite was Candy Cane from the Holiday Stix pack!

  2. Nice Christmas card! I use to love Mr. Sketch in elementary school - so many crazy scents now!

  3. He sure did! The packs are fun aren't they? Trevor did a great job too!