Thursday, December 4, 2014

TBT Hiking Post - Shriner Peak

Happy Thursday!! Today's Throwback Thursday post is of our hike to Shriner PeakWe never did a formal post for this hike, so I have put together a bunch of our favorite pics during that trip. I remember that this hike goes up to an old fire lookout and I love lookouts because they always have the best views!! We also went with some good friends and we had a great time!

Shriner Peak 9/14/08

The trail leads up to some pretty awesome views of Mt. Rainier. Hubby and I love that mountain. We even climbed it. You can read about our climb here. I always have to mention that because it was a big deal. I love looking back at it. It is a pretty awesome mountain and we love to get pics of us with it in the background. :)
This hike was also pretty special because it was the first time we had ever come across a bear on a hike. We were pretty excited, took our pics, and left it alone.
Another great view of Rainier on the way up.
The hike up to the lookout was about 4 miles.
The lookout was locked when we got there so we could not go inside, but this is a glimpse of what it looks like inside.
Me and Hubby.
Some group pics.
Cool pic of a trail heading down.
The hike was 8 miles total roundtrip with about 3500 ft. elevation gain. It was an awesome hike with great views and great company!


  1. Looks like a great hike! Love your pics of Mt. Rainier! Wow, that looks like a big bear!

  2. Great pics! Ahh I would have been scared about the bear. Can you count how many you've seen with all your hikes?

  3. Your hikes are so amazing. Makes me want to go on a hike bad. I normally only get to go once every two or 3 years.

  4. Thanks Sherry! Yeah, it was a decent sized bear.

  5. Thanks Jenny! I think I was more excited than scared because I had never seen one on the trail. I have actually only seen two bears on a hike. Goats I've seen tons of and I've seen quite a few marmots, but bears not so much.

  6. Thanks Abby!! Ah hope you get to go on a hike again soon!