Monday, December 1, 2014

Last Week's Workouts 11/24-11/30

Here's a recap of last week's workouts:

Monday 11/24 - Rest
Tuesday 11/25 - Rest
Wednesday 11/26 - 2 mile run
Thursday 11/27 - My first Turkey Trot. Ran in the Mercer County Turkey Trot 5K and PR'D! Race recap coming soon!
Friday 11/28 - 1 mile with my 5 year old. Love when he asks to run with me. :)
Saturday 11/29 - 3.35 mile run to the canal and back. 
Sunday 11/30 - 1 mile run. It was a lot warmer than the last couple of days, so it was really nice. 
Had a great week of running! I gave a couple of days rest to recover from the Philly Half and did my first Turkey trot on Thanksgiving. The Runner's World run streak is under way and I'm enjoying the extra running, even if it is just a mile a day. Next week I'm planning on going back to T25 and following the Alpha schedule. Least that's the plan for now. I might mix PiYo in as well, but I haven't really decided just how I will do that. 

According to my Smashrun stats I did 90 miles this month. Not bad!
How was your week?


  1. Nice job on 90 miles! Did you get a lot of snow in Princeton? So sweet that your eldest wanted to run with you :)

  2. Thanks Jenny!! Not too much snow, just a dusting. Yeah, I hope it continues!

  3. Great job last week! Congrats on your PR and that's a lot of miles last month!! Nice!

  4. Thanks Sherry! One of these days I'll break 100. Maybe next year. :)