Monday, August 3, 2015

Brooklyn RnR Half Marathon Training Week 3 & Weekend Update 7/26-8/2

Here's a recap of lasts week's workouts:

Monday 7/26 - It was supposed to be a running rest day but my 6 year old wanted to run a 5K so we did. His first time running that distance, and he did it! I was so proud of him! He did awesome!
Tuesday 7/27 - Almost didn't get my run in with such a busy day. We flew to California in the morning and had a busy schedule lined up. But I wanted to get my training run in and I got it done later in the evening.
Wednesday 7/28 - Rest.
Thursday 7/29 - 5 mile run.
Friday 7/30 - 5 mile run and hiked to Angora Lakes & high point in South Lake Tahoe. 
Saturday 8/1 - Rest.
Sunday 8/2 - 9.5 mile run with running friends.
I feel I got a decent week of running this week especially with being out of town in California from Tuesday thru Friday! It was great running in a new area and I especially love running the arboretum trail that was on the UC Davis Campus. Such a beautiful trail! I did not get any PiYo or T25 in due to the busy week but I hope to incorporate in some this week. This is what my run schedule looks like for this week:
Our stay in California was great! Hubby's meetings went well and things are looking very promising! I got a great tour of the area and even met up with some other families with kids. Davis looks to be a great place to raise kids and I would say from what I saw, I agree.

My favorite part of the trip we venturing out to the mountains. On Friday, we headed out for a hike to Angora Lakes in South Lake Tahoe. It was amazing! For such a short hike that the kiddos could do, we were in a beautiful area with huge trees, rugged rocks and alpine lakes. I will have a blog post of our trip report soon! If this is just a sampling of what is in the area, I am excited to see what future trips to the area will bring. :)
We caught the red eye flight back to Philadelphia Friday night and were back home in Jersey Saturday morning. I was very tired because I couldn't sleep well on the plane. So both Saturday and Sunday was spent resting and readjusting to the time zone. Our 4 year old needed lots of rest too as he caught some sort of bug and had a stuffy nose. Luckily he was back to normal quickly and we even got some time to play Sunday evening.
That sums up our weekend. Hope you have a great week!

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