Friday, August 28, 2015

Pulpit Rock Hike with the Fam Trip Report

Pulpit Rock Hike With the Fam
Last Sunday was me and Hubby's 7th Anniversary. We both love hiking and each year we do some sort of Anniversary hike. This year we headed to Hamburg, PA to hike Pulpit Rock. We had hiked there once before, a couple of years ago when both kiddos were in the backpacks but this time we thought it would be a good one for the kiddos to hike on their own. 

The drive from Princeton was about an hour and a half. We got to the trailhead parking lot around 10am and there were already many cars. Glad we got a spot because we knew the hike was very popular. At the kiosk by the parking area was this map.
Pulpit Rock Trail Map
The trail starts out on a gravel road. Pic courtesy of my 6 year old. :)
Pulpit Rock Hiking on Gravel Road
The road leads you to the Appalachian Trail where you veer right. You see this sign commemorating the trail before you cross a bridge and start following the white trail markers. 
Pulpit Rock Appalachian Trail Sign
Balance beam on the way.
Hiking to Pulpit Rock
 It is nice that the trail is clearly marked where you need to turn.
Hiking to Pulpit Rock
The trail is a somewhat gradual climb.
Hiking to Pulpit Rock
Here the kiddos are doing great. 
Again another sign, to show us that we are on the right track. 
To Pulpit Rock Look Out
The fun really begins when there are more rocks on the trail. 
Hiking to Pulpit Rock
Rocks are the kiddos favorite part. If there are no rocks, they consider the trail "boring" at least those are the words from our 6 year old.
Hiking to Pulpit Rock
Right before you get to Pulpit Rock you come across this tree.
Pulpit Rock Elevation sign
And then come across these amazing views!
Pulpit Rock Views
 View from a different angle.
Pulpit Rock Views
It took us about an hour and 30 minutes with breaks to get to the rocks. Our 6 and 4 year old's did great! We hung out at the rocks for a while and had lunch. Hubby even took a mini nap while the kiddos and I found this geocache. 
Geocache near Pulpit Rock
Before we headed back down, we had to get a family pic. 
You can actually continue on the Appalachian trail to the Pinnacle (another great viewpoint) but it is a lot longer. We did that the first time (couple years ago) but it adds another 4 miles or so and it's just not doable for the kiddos right now. The hike back down went a lot faster. My 6 year old even ran some parts. I was proud of both of them when we got back to the car. The total mileage was 4.6 miles (2.3 miles to Pulpit Rock). Overall an awesome hike! Definitely must do if you are in the Jersey/PA area! 

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