Thursday, August 6, 2015

Family Hike to Angora Lakes

Angora Lakes Resort
While visiting Davis, CA last week, we had a whole day free so Hubby thought it would be fun to visit the mountains. I'm so happy he brought up the idea because where we went was pretty awesome. Angora Lakes in South Lake Tahoe was our destination and it did not disappoint.

The drive from Davis was about two hours. We left after breakfast and the kiddos did really well considering we did not have TVs for movies that we usually use on long car trips. The drive was uneventful until we reached the mountains. The scenery went from dry farmland to rolling hills, to beautiful green trees, mountain views with interesting rock formations, and amazing cabins.

Once we reached the trailhead parking lot we were worried about finding parking because we saw cars waiting. Luckily we were in the right spot at the right time and got a spot after waiting about 5 minutes. Note for future visits, go early. We arrived around 11:30am and the lot was full.
Angora Lakes Resort Parking Lot
The trail is 1/2 mile to the lakes and very doable for kids. I loved seeing the big trees along the route to the lakes.
Angora Lakes Resort trail
The first lake you come across is lower Angora Lake and at this lake are some private cabins.
Lower Angora lake
Walk a bit further and you arrive at this sign and you are at the Angora Lakes Resort where you will see Upper Angora Lake.
Angora Lake
Angora Lakes Resort
Inside they have snacks, sandwiches, and said to have the best lemonade (we didn't try it this time, but surely our next visit). You can also rent kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and row boats. It's $20 for any boat per hour and the life jacket is included. Not a bad deal. 
After trying out their Turkey and Cheese sandwich (nothing spectacular) we explored the lake area. We enjoyed hanging out on the rocks and watching people swim, kayak, boat, or stand up paddle board.
Angora Lakes Resort
There are really cute cabins at this upper alpine lake. Hubby asked about them and they are rented weekly for ~$1400-$1700 and are reserved fast! I believe they will be open for reservations for the summer of 2017 soon as 2016 is already booked. Popular place I must say! I would totally love to rent a cabin out here some day. 
Cabins at Angora Lakes Resort
We then ventured out to the small beach area to try out the row boat.
Beach area at Angora Lakes Resort
The beach area is small but still decent enough to relax. 
Beach area at Angora Lakes Resort
Lots of people use the boats. I really would like to try stand up paddle boarding, hopefully I will one of these days. It was nice relaxing on the boat and my 6 year old enjoyed trying to row. We got a better view of the swimmers jumping from the cliffs which was fun to watch.
Cliffs and SUP at Angora Lakes Resort
After returning the row boat to the beach and dropping off the oars and life jackets we headed back. When we arrived at lower Angora lake, Hubby wanted to explore around it. We ended up hiking up to a high point.
It was definitely worth going off the trail for a bit as the views were spectacular! We could see Lake Tahoe where we stood. The kiddos loved climbing up and were happy once we reached the top (so was I)! :)
Family pic at the top!
We headed back down and the kiddos had fun climbing on the rocks again.
Angora Lakes Resort hike
Angora Lakes is a wonderful place to visit. It is family friendly with lots of fun things to do. The scenery is the best! Can't beat the mountains and hanging out at an alpine lake with only having to hike 1/2 mile to get there. I can't wait to go back! 

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