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Davis Turkey Trot 5K Race Recap 11/19/16

Davis Turkey Trot 5K Race Recap 11/19/16
I ran my first Davis Turkey Trot a couple of weeks ago and it was a rainy but fun run. The best part of the race was running with my 7 year old! I am loving that he enjoys running. He has improved so much in the course of a year!

PACKET PICKUP: Bib and shirt pickup was at Fit House in Davis. It was actually outside in the parking lot. It was a quick in and out, nothing exciting. 
These are our shirts. Nice long sleeves with a neat turkey design.

RACE DAY: The race started at 8:00am for the 5K. What I love about local races is that we don't have to wake up horribly early and we don't have to travel far. I had Hubby drop us off around 7:45am not too far from the start. It was a cool 48 degrees and cloudy. The forecast was for rain so I was happy it wasn't pouring at the start. 
Davis Turkey Trot 5K start line
Both the half marathon and 5k runners started at the same time so I got to see my friend Lenora who was doing the half marathon (which btw she rocked and PR'd in).
The run started pretty much on time and we were off. We crossed the start line at 8:03am. Hubby and 5 year old found a nice spot just beyond the start line and got some great shots of us. It is always great seeing them on the course and cheering us on.Davis Turkey Trot 5K
The course took us on G and F streets.

Davis Turkey Trot 5K

Before turning onto Covell street, we hit mile 1 and according to my Garmin it was at 8:57/mile pace. 7 year old was doing awesome!
 Here is the split off for the 1/2 marathon and 5K. We turned right.
Davis Turkey Trot
 Here is 7 year old running strong.
We crossed the bridge over Covell street and it was neat seeing the runners below us.
At mile 2, my son was still running strong. He was doing awesome! Our split time was 8:37/mile average pace.
Mile 2 of Davis Turkey Trot 5K
He knew he was running his fastest 5K and by this point we were close to the finish. Mile 3's split was 8:43/mile. Thanks to Hubby for the pic and for 5 year year old cheering us on!
We finished! He ran the last .1 at 8:30/mile pace. My son was very happy he ran his fastest 5K to date. We ran the Pony Express last May but the course was short so we aren't counting that time. But his fastest 5K before this run was 28:49. He finished this race at 27:22, so over a minute PR. So proud of him! What was pretty awesome was he got 3rd place in his age group!
At the finish there were the usual goodies after the run. There were bagels, bananas, granola bars. There was even popcorn and hot chocolate. The hot chocolate hit the spot especially while we were waiting for 7 year old's age group medal award.
Here he is sporting his age group award medal. I am so proud of him! I am enjoying running with him and will savor every bit I can now because I am sure he will be leaving me in the dust soon. :)
 Happy running!

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