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Running on the Wall Race Bib and Medal Holder Review

Running on the Wall Race Bib and Medal Holder Review
I was provided the opportunity to receive this product without charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

As a runner that has run many races (I think I ran the most races this year, 15 and not even counting all the virtual runs I did), you accumulate medals. What to do with these medals? You can put them in a box or storage container or stuff them in a drawer and have them never see the light of day, or hang them from a shelf in your bedroom where no one can see, which is what I used to do with them, or you can display them. It is pretty cool to see all the medals that you have worked so hard for. When I was contacted by runningonthewall about reviewing one of their medal displays, I couldn't resist since I knew I needed another medal holder with all of the races I had run this year.

This is actually my second medal holder from runningonthewall. My first one was this one:
Always Earned Never Given Medal display holder
I am very happy with it but as you can see, it's got lots of medals on it so I was pretty happy I would be getting a new one. The one that I was sent was the "She believed she could so she did" one. I love this quote so I was very happy when I received it.
I was surprised there were no directions but it is pretty self explanatory. All of the necessary hooks are in this plastic baggie and you need to screw them into the pre-drilled holes.
It is very simple to screw the hooks in to all of the pre-drilled holes on the board. Some did get hard to twist when they were almost in and you wanted the hooks all facing the same orientation, so some took more strength than others but it was easy for the most part.
I really like that there are two different sizes for you to place your bibs and it also comes with two little rings for those bibs that do not fit correctly. Below is the finished product with no bibs and medals.
Running on the Wall Race Bib & Medal Display Review
Here is the finished product with bibs and medals on the wall.
She believed she could so she did Medal Holder
The only drawback of this medal holder was when putting the medals on the first time, it fell on me. Hubby put it up again and noticed that it is hard to balance the medals since the hooks are on the right side of the display and none on the left side and the nails holding the board up are in the middle. So second time around, I was careful and tried to balance it out as best as I could and yay for it not falling. For this reason, I liked the first medal display that I got better than this one.

A great thing about RunningOnTheWall is they have many options of medal displays available. You can even customize your own. Overall, I feel it's a decent holder. I really like the look, I love the quote, and how easy it is to make however due to problems putting the medals on, next time I would choose one that I won't have to worry about balancing my medals. 

How do you display your bibs and medals?

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