Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Day in Central Park with the Kiddos

Central ParkWe headed out to NYC on Saturday to hang out in Central Park. This was the first time we went into the city just to hang out at the park. We were meeting some friends there and it was an easy place to meet with them while having the kiddos in tow. Usually when we head to Central Park, we are only there for an hour or two, and have to rush off. What was nice about this visit, was there was no set destination, we explored whatever was around us without having to rush elsewhere and just relaxed. It was really nice.
Central Park is definitely a huge park. There is so much to do. The first thing we did when we got there, it was an hour before noon, was we ventured to the closest playground. It turned out to be the Tarr Family Playground. The kiddos enjoyed playing here and really enjoyed this web-like structure. This playground pretty much had it all with the cool play structures and even had a little water spray area where the kids could get wet.
Tarr Family Playground Central Park
After quite a long play time, we had a nice picnic lunch with sandwiches from home on some of the cool slabs of rock nearby. Then back to more play time. We decided to explore more of the cool rocks. I love how there are these huge slabs of rock throughout the park. 
Central Park
The kiddos enjoyed scaring the pigeons away, actually I think they were trying to catch a pigeon. It's pretty funny seeing their reactions when the birds fly off. Just makes me happy, that they are happy running around with smiles on their faces.
Central Park
Walking a bit further, we came across the Rudin Family Playground. Here, the boys wanted to get wet, so we let them. They liked it, especially my 5 year old. They spent a lot of time playing with the water, but they also hit the play structures too.
Central Park Rudin Family Playground
At this playground, our friends met up with us and then we ventured off to another playground with them. The next playground we came across was the Mariner's Gate Playground. The kiddos played in the water spray area here as well and had a blast. It's pretty awesome that Central Park has all these play areas at the Park.
Central Park Mariner's Gate Playground
If you want to get an idea of how huge the park is, we only went to 3 out of the 21 playgrounds in the park. Central Park is HUGE! Pretty awesome that this park is in the City with so much to do. Our last stop at the park, was the free Jazz on the Great Hill. Hubby had heard there was going to be a free concert, so we planned on checking it out. Our friends had brought a blanket and we pulled it out. We had to get a treat, so we grabbed some ice cream from the nearby ice cream truck and just enjoyed it while listening to jazz. It was awesome. 
It was really nice hanging out in Central Park for the day. Definitely a great place to meet up with friends so that the kiddos can play. It's an awesome place to sit and eat, people watch, and if you're there at the right time, listen to some cool music.


  1. Looks like a fun time! I would love to go there again someday.

  2. Yeah, you guys should come visit!! Then we can all go again! :)