Friday, August 8, 2014

Princeton Airport Tour

Princeton Airport
When I heard from a friend that the Princeton Airport has tours on Tuesday's at 10:30 (July & August) I was intrigued. I had never been to the little airport but I had always heard from other Mom's about them taking their kids in their cars to see the planes take off and land and how their kids enjoyed it. I thought it would be a great opportunity to check out with a tour, especially since my 3 year old loves airplanes.
It turned out to be an awesome experience! The tour guide talked about the airport, things like where the gas is, where the hangars are, how they have a flight school there, how the airport is actually 103 years old (yes it's old)! It was funny because he emphasized the age that you can get your flight license. It's 16 years old when you can get your license, but once you can reach the pedals of the plane is when you can start learning to fly. I can't remember how many times he said it, but it was quite a bit. I guess he really wants kids to learn how to fly. ;)
Princeton Airport Tour
It was pretty cool because the kids got to sit in a little plane and check it out. This is the plane they got to sit in.
Princeton Airport Tour
Here are the kiddos in the plane.
Princeton Airport Tour: plane taking off
We had a lot of activity during the tour. I think we were pretty lucky as we saw a couple of planes taking off and also a plane landing.
My favorite part was watching a helicopter land not too far from us. It's the closest I've ever seen a helicopter land and the pilot did it like it was nothing. He landed directly on the skid (blue thing) and then we got to watch the pilot get out and drive the little car that pushed the skid to park his helicopter into a hangar. 
Princeton Airport Tour: helicopter landing
We got to look into the helicopter hanger where we saw some helicopters that were being rebuilt and we also got to see a hanger where airplanes were being repaired. It was a neat tour and lasted about an hour. 

The airport even has a pilot shop with little airplane souvenirs and such. The kiddos liked looking at the toys.  
Princeton Airport pilot shop
We didn't buy anything in the shop but the tour guide did provide all the kids with a coloring sheet and a glider.
The Princeton Airport tour was a fun event for the kids! I even enjoyed watching the planes take off and land. I especially liked watching the helicopter land. It was pretty cool to see! :)