Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Yesterday I was nominated for the ALS #IceBucketChallenge from fellow blogger, Caroline at Fit Pink Mom. I had been seeing so many posts on Facebook of those nominated and completing the challenge, I had a feeling I would be nominated soon. Talk of the challenge was even brought up over the weekend and a friend said that if she was nominated, I would be one of her nominees so I wasn't surprised when I saw this tweet from Caroline.

Well ok, I was surprised and was thinking oh no, do I actually have to do it? Then I thought about it some more, went on to Facebook and saw so many others doing the challenge. It is for a great cause. 

What is ALS? (from
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease," is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed. 

I actually did not know exactly what it was, I just knew that it was also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease and that it affects the brain. According to the ALS website, donations have reached 22.9 million with the help of the #IceBucketChallenge. If doing this challenge spreads awareness, and might help in aiding funding for a cure, then I am in! 

The challenge even got my 5 year old asking questions, about why we should donate. He said that we should save our money, but I told him that there are times when you should help others that are in need. I told him that we shouldn't always think of ourselves, that there are others that are worse off and need money for aid and research. I'm hoping that he understands, so I think it is great that this challenge has brought up important conversations with my 5 year old.

Here is the video of me accepting the challenge and nominating my sister, sister-in-law, and brother. :)
Even if you aren't even nominated to do the ice bucket challenge, check out the ALS Association's website and consider making a donation. Any bit helps.

What do you think of the #IceBucketChallenge?


  1. Yayy! Thanks for being such an awesome sport. That's great this allowed you to start a conversation with your son about helping others. My son is younger, but it's something my husband and I often talk about.... How can we raise him to be compassionate and help others? I think leading by example is one of the most important things you can do. Have a great day girly!

  2. No problem! Thanks for the nomination! Definitely leading by example is important! Have a great day too Caroline! :)

  3. Great job doing the challenge!

  4. Thanks! Hope you donated since you didn't accept! :p