Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FlipBelt Review

As a Sweatpink Ambassador I was given the opportunity to try try out a FlipBelt through Fit Approach. I was pretty excited as I had been thinking about getting one as my current belt (Spibelt) was bothering me at times. I had actually heard great things about the FlipBelt beforehand because my sister has one and she has been raving about how great it was. Now for me to test it out.

They have a good variety of colors on their website to choose from. 

I chose the color charcoal because I figured it was a safe color and would go well with any outfit I wore. :)
My test run with the belt, I put my Iphone 4S along with my keys and my ID inside. 
Everything fit great, nice and snug! While running, I loved how the belt does not move. There was no bouncing and no riding up. It was awesome! I also like how I don't have to deal with a zipper to take my phone out if I want to take pictures. I did a nice 3 mile run running with the FlipBelt and I did so without flipping it as you can do that if you want your items more secure. Everything stayed in and I was pretty impressed with how comfortable it was. It was actually pretty easy to take my phone out too. A lot easier than my other belt as I don't have to deal with unzipping.
I also like how there is the part where you can attach your key. I had actually lost my house key once while on a long run because I took my phone out of my Spibelt to take a picture, and without knowing, my key fell out. Good thing Hubby was home, or I would have been in trouble. Anyway, the key thing inside the FlipBelt is awesome, as now I don't have to worry about my key falling out.

The only thing that I can think of to complain about is that, it is not waterproof. I sweat quite a bit when I run, so even after running 3 miles, I noticed that the Flipbelt was a bit damp due to my sweat, but everything inside was ok. My other belt wasn't waterproof either, so I'm used to it. When it rains, I will most likely get a little baggie to cover my phone so it won't get damaged.

Below is a picture to compare the FlipBelt to the Spibelt I had. 
The FlipBelt can definitely store more items than the SpiBelt. I love how there is no zipper to deal with on the FlipBelt, and I also like how everything is snug and it does not ride up. It's like my phone and keys are so secure and snug that they are a part of me and you can't even feel them while running. That's what is so great about the FlipBelt! The FlipBelt is machine washable and machine dryable so easy to clean too!

Another awesome thing about the FlipBelt is how it is inconspicuous!  We went out for a quick bite and for a trip to the grocery and it was so nice to be hands free. Hubby and I were even talking about how great this would be if we go to Italy again because we had to carry a money belt there. This could probably be used as a great travel belt as well!
If you are thinking about getting a FlipBelt you can use the discount code "sweat33" for 10% OFF an entire purchase at the FlipBelt online store. The code is good until 9/4/14.
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I really like the FlipBelt and recommend it to others looking for something to store their stuff while running. I can't wait to use it for my upcoming runs and races this Fall!

What do you use to store items when you run?

Disclaimer: FlipBelt provided me with a complimentary belt to review. Everything contained in this post is my own opinion.


  1. Love my FlipBelt! Thanks for the mention! :)

  2. Thanks for the review! I may go to my local running store to see which size im in (I saw them hanging there this week) and then order it online :)

  3. Great! Hope you like it as much as I do! :)

  4. Interesting note about the waterproof issue. Thanks for sharing that. Good review. #sweatpink

    Looks cute on you
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  5. I love my flip belt!! I bought it the day before my half and wore it for the first time during the race--- to really smart, but luckily it worked out well!

  6. Cool! Yeah, good thing it worked out well! :)