Friday, October 24, 2014

Muscoot Farm with the Kids

Last Sunday, with my Mother-In-Law in the area, well up North near White Plains, NY, we headed up there to visit with her for the day. She had found this local farm that we could visit. This farm was called Muscoot Farm. It was pretty neat as they were having their Autumn Celebration so there were booths with local vendors and there was a display of cool vintage cars.
There was lots to see and do at the farm. First we checked out the Farm museum.
Muscoot Farm Barn Museum
It was pretty interesting checking out old tools they used and items that they used back in the day. 
Muscoot Farm barn museum
There were also other barns to check out that had animals, like goats and pigs. 
Here are the cows. They also had Percheron horses, which are larger than average sized horses. 
Muscoot Farm cows
The kiddos really enjoyed the pumpkin patch. They had fun choosing the pumpkin they would take home.
 Here they are with Grandma and their pumpkins.
Family pic.
Wherever there are rocks the kiddos will climb them and go across them! :) I can't remember how many times they went back and forth but it was a lot!
We got to see a blacksmith make a hook out of metal. It was pretty cool. He was very good at what he did and was nice to ask the kids questions to get them involved.
Muscoot Farm blacksmith
We also went on a hayride. It was such a gorgeous day out. I liked how the ride was longer than your usual hayride.
Muscoot Farm hayride
 There was so much beautiful scenery along the way.
Muscoot Farm
Muscoot Farm was a great place to take the kids. We all had a great time!

Have you had the chance to visit a farm? Gone to a pumpkin patch? Hayride?


  1. Beautiful pics! I miss doing all of that fun kid stuff. Mine are too old sadly

  2. Looks like a fun time! Great pics!

  3. Thanks Deborah! Ahhhh you can still do some of it. ;)

  4. Thanks Jenny! They had a great time! :)