Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Philly Boo at The Zoo

We took the kiddos to Boo at the Zoo at the Philadelphia Zoo last Saturday. We have gone the last couple of years and have really enjoyed it. It's great because the kids get to dress up in their costumes and trick or treat at different stations marked throughout the zoo. 

It can get pretty crowded. I didn't think the crowds were horrible when we went because we went after lunch, so those that go in the morning, their day was probably winding down. It was busy but bearable. The kids really enjoyed going station to station and I enjoyed getting the kiddos pictures with their costumes on at various parts of the zoo.
There were some great places for photo ops for the kids.
And of course we can't forget about the animals. We enjoyed choosing animals to see and visiting them (we can't see every animal each visit to the zoo as it would take up so much time) that's why having a zoo membership is great. We can then go back next time to see a different section or animal that the kiddos did not see last time.
We were actually pretty excited about this trip because it was the first time we saw the tigers on the Cat Walk. They were roaming back and forth above us. It was really neat seeing them! They are big cats! 
In case you are wondering, none of the tigers peed or pooped on us. :p
If you have kids and they like to play in play areas, I definitely recommend the KidZooU play area and the Treehouse. Both are playground like areas for kids to run around, play, and climb.
In all, it was a great afternoon at the zoo! The kids enjoyed dressing up, getting candy, seeing animals, and playing. As for me, I got to see cute kids in costumes and enjoy the smiles on my kids faces! :)

Have you ever been to Boo at the Zoo?


  1. Supercute costumes. I've never seen a tiger exhibit like that - that is really neat they hover right above the pedestrians. The pumpkin display is pretty cool.

  2. Thanks Jenny! Yeah I thought the cat walk was really cool!

  3. Great zoo pics! Your kids are way too cute in their costumes!

  4. Looks like a fun time! Love the kiddos' costumes!