Thursday, November 6, 2014

TBT Hiking Post from Hubby - Esmeralda Peak

Happy Thursday! Today's Throwback Thursday post from Hubby is of a hike up Esmeralda Peak in the Teanaway area. I remember we camped the night before the hike and it was so much fun, especially since we were with good friends. The hike itself was great and the views were awesome!

7/28/08 Esmeralda Peak

Following the weather forecasts, we went east this weekend and decided on Esmeralda Peak.  You start on the trail towards Gallagher Head Lake.  We somehow coincidentally wore matching outfits. 
The trail is gentle and easy to follow, even with your eyes closed due to all the horse manure along the way.  You pass the junction that heads toward Koppen and continue towards Gallagher Head Lake.  After you cross De Roux creek to get to the north side, you follow some switchbacks up a ridge.  We left the trail at the last switchback and followed the ridge to the summit. 
We weren't totally confident we were on the right track the whole time, but we kept moving upwards and eventually made it. 
We weren't sure which high point was the real summit, so we went to both.  We found a register on one of them and found some familiar names from NWHikers.
We also enjoyed the summit views. 
Another group was heading up, so we left them to the summit. We went down as the clouds threatened, but were never hit with rain. 
The last thing to say is a very appreciative thanks to the kind person who helped us jump start our car when it wouldn't start, in case you happen to be reading this.  Even if not, you earned some mountain karma.  smile.gif


  1. Nice pictures! Funny you all wore similar outfits!

  2. Thanks Sherry! Yeah, we thought it was funny too! :)