Thursday, November 13, 2014

TBT Hiking Post - Tuck and Robin Lakes

Happy Thursday! Today's Throwback Thursday post is of our hike to Tuck and Robin Lakes. We never did a formal post on this hike, so I have put together a bunch of our favorite pics during that trip. I remember that the weather wasn't the best and we even went up Trico Mountain but had no view due to the clouds and fog rolling in.

Tuck and Robin Lakes - Trico Mnt. 8/2/08

We started on the Deception Pass Trail and within the first couple of miles come across Hyas Lake.
Another shot of Hyas Lake. The weather was nice at the start.
On our way to Tuck and Robin Lakes.
At Tuck Lake.
I love hiking on rock. It reminds me of our Enchantments hike.
We encountered some snow on the trail, but not much.
More rock.
Can you spot Hubby?
At Robin Lakes and the fog is rolling in.
Robin Lakes is known to have lots of goats around. :)
 Me and a goat in the background.
We made it up Trico Mountain but no views due to the fog. :(
On our way back, of course the fog clears. Oh well.
It was a long day and did about 16 miles of hiking total. If we ever go back it would be a great place to backpack. I would also love to see everything in better weather!


  1. So pretty! I'm hoping I'll get to go hiking at some point over here (once I find a good place to go to!). This TBT thing would probably be an awesome way for me to get caught up on time-pertinent posts that I lagged on because I schedule everything so far into the future... :P

  2. This is gorgeous. What an inspiring trip!

  3. Thanks Farrah! Yes, definitely recommend hiking if you can. It's a great way to take in some cool scenery. And yup TBT is a great way to share old stuff that you didn't get a chance to post before! :)

  4. Thanks Sarah! It was a great hike, just wish the weather didn't change on us.

  5. Looks like a great place to hike, despite the fog. Love the lake pictures!

  6. All of your hikes have been stunning - I think this was my favorite so far! Something about the lake!

  7. Wow all of your pictures are so amazing! Really looks like an amazing place to hike and explore

  8. Thanks! Glad you enjoy the pics! Hiking is so much fun!

  9. Wow. Amazing. I would love to go visit a place like taht to hike.

  10. Thanks Abby! Hope you get a chance someday! There are lots of cool places to hike! :)