Friday, November 7, 2014

The Fitness Games App Review

I received the opportunity to review The Fitness Games App through my ambassadorship with Fit Approach. I received the Gold version of the app free to review. All opinions are my own.
What is the Fitness Games App about?

The Fitness Games takes exercise and turns it into a fun game. You can challenge anyone, anywhere, to any type of workout, post fitness photos and videos, or challenge yourself with one of the many workouts included in the App.

There are four categories: Strength, Cardiovascular, Full-body, and Cross Training.

Below is an example of a Full Body workout. What is great is that if you don't know one of the exercises, there are pictures and even a video of how to do it.
Here is a core defining workout I challenged myself to. It's a good one!
The challenge aspect of the app is pretty neat as well. I was challenged by stayhealthynfit4you to do a 3 mile run and I won. :)

It's great that you can challenge anyone at anytime and the App will record the time spent doing the exercise and then report it back to you in the "Workout Tracker".

So what do I think of the App?
-Has some great ab/core and body weight workouts.
-Great pics and tutorial videos of workout moves. It's great for moves you are not familiar with.
-Love the challenge aspect. Motivates you to work harder.
-Workout Tracker is nice as it keeps a calender record of your workouts and challenges

-Strength and Full Body categories, all workouts require gym equipment, so it's not great for those that do not have gym memberships. It would be nice if they had workouts specifically with hand weights, but I guess you can create your own workout if you wanted.
-Not much instruction on how to use the App. It would be nice if there was a tutorial or a guide right on the App.

I understand the App is still pretty new and working on updates. Overall, I think it is a great tool for making workouts more fun especially with the challenges. I really like the pics and tutorial videos as it helps with learning new workout exercises. There have been many times when I am at the gym and not quite sure what to do when it comes to weights. This App is great for trying out new workouts and what makes it even neater is you can challenge others making it fun and motivating at the same time!


  1. Cool to read how you use this app! I am using it as well, but in a different way...mostly the gps for running. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Diane! I actually wasn't sure how the GPS for running worked. Is it the outdoor running? and does it actually map out your run? Looking forward to your review. Have a great weekend too! :)

  3. Nice review! I like the idea of being able to challenge friends with it.

  4. I reviewed this app a while back it was fun to challenge friends. I didn't try the running app though. Good review

  5. Thanks Sherry! Thanks also for challenging me to run 3 miles. Looking forward to more challenges. :p

  6. That sounds like a fun way to keep motivated. I like that your sis challenged you!

  7. Yeah it's not bad! Yeah, we always seem to compete with each other anyway, it's great motivation to try and beat her! :)