Thursday, November 20, 2014

TBT Hiking Post - Yellow Aster Butte

Happy Thursday!! Today's Throwback Thursday post is of our hike to Yellow Aster Butte. We never did a formal post for this hike, so I have put together a bunch of our favorite pics during that trip. I loved this hike as not only do you get awesome views, we also got to see my favorite animal while hiking, a marmot! :)

Yellow Aster Butte 8/4/08

The hike starts at Tomyhoi Lake trailhead and early on you will get great views of Mt. Baker. 
At about 1.5 miles you will come to a junction and you turn left to head up to Yellow Aster Butte.
Here's hubby taking in the views.
The below pic was when we came across the marmot. I was so happy to see one so close and got a good pic. The hole nearby we assumed led to his home.
Heading up.
Yellow Aster Butte.
Me at the top!
With Hubby.
Heading back.
This was an awesome hike with amazing views! Total mileage was about 7.5 miles and 2550 ft. elevation gain. Definitely one to put on your list if you are ever looking to hike in the North Cascades.


  1. Spectacular! I've never seen a marmot before (even though I have a ski jacket with its name). Hope you have a relaxing next couple of days before Philly!

  2. Thanks Jenny!! I hope to have a relaxing next couple of days, but ya never know with the kiddos. :p

  3. I always love your pictures! That marmot is kind of cute :)

  4. Thanks Deborah! Yup, marmots are cute!! I think that's why I'm so excited to see them on the trail! :)

  5. Cool pics! Looks like a great hike!

  6. It was awesome! A must do. Maybe we can do it one summer when we are visiting again! :)