Sunday, September 28, 2014

Community and Staff Day at Princeton Football

On Saturday we headed into Princeton for Community and Staff Day at Princeton Football. It was really nice as tickets to the football game were free for Faculty and Staff plus there was going to be a post game fireworks show. With the kiddos getting interested in football (because Daddy watches it often) we couldn't miss it. Free is always nice. :) When we told the boys we were going to a football game they were so excited for the game. Another thing that was nice was they also offered a sports clinic for kids where Princeton student athletes helped introduce sports to kids in a fun way. 

The free sports clinic was before the game so we went there first. It was pretty neat as there were lots of sports stations that the kiddos could visit and check out. They had hockey, basketball, fencing, track and field, lacrosse, an obstacle course, foursquare, and even arts and crafts, so lots for kids to do.
I really liked visiting the track and field station. They were teaching kids how to use the blocks for sprinting. It reminded me of when I did track back in the day. Here are the kiddos sprinting after out of the blocks.
I even got to show my kids the long jump, one of the events that I did when I did track. They both seemed to like it, as they both kept wanting to go back and jump again. :)
Here is my 5 year old getting some tips on fencing.
It was great that they offered this for kids. It's a great way to get kids to see other sports. I am a fan of having kids be active and encourage outdoor or any type of activity that gets a child to move or exercise. Not only is it good for them but it also gives them confidence. My 5 year old even tried the hurdles and the smile on his face after he did them for the first time was priceless.

As to the football game, the boys enjoyed it. It got long even for me but knowing there will be fireworks at the end, helped give us something to look forward to. Yay for Princeton as they beat Davidson, 56-17!
The night ended with some awesome fireworks which the boys loved. So happy their first football game was a success! 

What do you think of football?
Do you like fireworks?


  1. Love watching football, especially the Seahawks and fireworks are fun to watch! :) Looks like you had a fun day! Seeing the track and long jump pit brought back memories. :)