Thursday, September 4, 2014

TBT Hiking Post from Hubby - Dorothy Lake

It's Thursday!! That means another Throwback Thursday post from Hubby. Today's post is a hike to Dorothy Lake. I remember it being a rainy day, but that didn't stop us. We still had fun! :)

Dorothy Lake 6/10/07

Sunday's forecast looked gloomy just about everywhere.  Sharon and I considered heading to Teanaway, but since we were planning to go there Monday, we just accepted our fate for a wet hike and tried to choose something suitable for the weather.  Dorothy Lake it was.  It was raining as we drove up the Miller River Rd, and rained on us on and off all day.  No problem taking my Corolla on the road, although there are a few spots near the trailhead with largish rocks where I had to take it pretty slow.  The trail follows the Miller River to Dorothy Lake. 
Miller River

We first explored the outlet of the lake, which is covered by a large logjam. Dorothy Lake Hike
We then continued on the main trail to the other side of the lake.  Since I had gotten a new GPS, we considered going after a geocache along the way, but I vetoed the wet brush bash for the time being. The clouds, fog, and mist gave the lake an interesting mood.Dorothy Lake Hike
We ate lunch near a marshy area at the end of the lake. 
Dorothy Lake Hike
We continued over the bridge crossing one of the inflows to the lake, but shortly thereafter lost the trail in the snow that had just started.  Lack of motivation led us to turn around at that point.  
Dorothy Lake Hike
On the way down, I donned my rain pants and agreed to lead the bushwacking geocache search.  We eventually won the battle with the slide alder and found it and had fun doing so.  Here's a view of the lake from near there: 
Dorothy Lake Hike
After that, we headed down and out. 

Stats (according to my GPS): 6.5 mi RT, 1800 ft, 5 hrs.  This includes some side trips from the main trail. 

Ever go hiking in the rain?


  1. Good job hiking in the rain in 2007!

  2. Thanks! It wasn't bad at all, especially because I was with someone that made it fun. :)