Sunday, May 4, 2014

Big Red Race 5K and Kid's Run Recap

Today was the 11th Annual Big Red Race 5K and Kid's run held at the Lawrenceville School. What I like about this event are the Children's races. Children of all ages can take part in the event and by age, determines how far they will run.

3 years and under:25 Meters
4-5 years old:50 Meters
6-7 years old:100 Meters
8-9 years old:1/4 mile
10-11 years old:1/2 mile
The race is free for kids, but they do want you to bring canned goods in place of the entry fee which is pretty neat as they donate them to local community agencies that fight hunger. The race has got great swag for the kids, all kids get a t-shirt (must pre-register by mail) and a medal. 

So both my boys ran the race. My 3 year old, Collin, ran the 25 meters and my almost 5 year old, Payton, ran the 50 meters. The both did awesome, be it they ran a little crooked to get to me, but still awesome. Here they are with their medals.

I signed up for the 5K. I was hoping for a PR today as, the last time I ran a 5K was this race a couple of years ago. My time then was 27:02 and this year I ran it in 25:55.2 clearly a PR which I am very happy about. :)

The run is great. It is pretty flat and fast, it takes you all around the school grounds. They even had water stops. Only thing that I would have preferred on the course was mile marker signs, but other than that the race was good. Finish line doesn't have all the cheering like other runs, but it's where the finish area is that makes it so. It's kinda tight. They did have water right at the end which was good, but a lot of the snacks (doughnuts) were gone as after the kids races, it was a free for all. I did manage a banana which I was totally good with. 
Start Line
On the run
At the finish, happy I PR'd. :)
What is even more awesome, is that there are raffles at the event as well, where you put in tickets (you get one ticket per child in the races and two tickets for participating in the 5K) into things like gift cards for ice cream, restaurants, etc,. Anyway you get to choose where you want to put the tickets. We chose to put ours in for tickets to a couple baseball games...and what do you know, we win a set of tickets. So tomorrow we are going to the Phillies game! The boys are excited. :)

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