Saturday, May 17, 2014

Today's long run

After a fun-filled morning watching my 4.5 year old play in his last soccer game of the season

going to a playground, 

and having a yummy lunch at a local diner and then a quick nap, I went and did my long run of 9 miles. However, this time, I did something different before I headed out, I tried something called ENERGYbits (I'll do a full review in a post next week). In short they are little bits that are 100% organically grown spirulina algae and they give you a boost of energy. I had found out about them on Twitter and heard great things so I figured it was something I should try. I was actually contacted by their brand manager and given a sample in exchange for a review.

So did I actually feel more energized? Yes, I felt really good throughout the whole run. Unlike last week when I ran 8+ miles and I was ready to quit after mile 2, I felt stronger and had no desire to stop. It was great. We did have a lot better weather as it was pretty perfect out today and no humidity, so that might be a factor too.
D&R Canal Trail
D&R Canal Trail
Not a bad run today at all. The best of my long runs so far this year on the D&R canal! 
My split times were great too! Check out how my last mile was faster than my first mile, and even the last .14 miles were pretty good. :) I'm happy about it.

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