Friday, May 16, 2014

Girls Run Fast Ambassador & Another Gym day

Woohoo! I'm a Girls Run Fast Ambassador! 
I'm a Girls Run Fast Ambassador because I"m a:
-A runner
-Passionate about living healthy
-A believer that strong and fit is the new skinny

Yay! I'm looking forward to connecting with like-minded people!

Had a treadmill run at the gym today. When I got to the gym, my plan was to do 4 miles and 4 miles I did. I wanted to stop at mile 2 but I kept at it and pushed myself to run another 2. I knew I had to get these 4 miles in since I didn't run yesterday. 

The week so far:
Monday - Stretch & Strengthen  4.5 miles
Tuesday - 4.5 miles 
Wednesday - 8x400 5k pace 3.51 miles
Thursday - 3 mile run + strength T25 Beta Core Cardio
Friday - rest  4 mile run
Saturday - 4 mile pace
Sunday - 9 miles

As you can see, I do tweek my training a lot. I'm pretty sure I won't be running 4 miles tomorrow. It will either be my long run or just a rest day. Let's hope the weather is nice tomorrow.

Have a wonderful night!

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