Saturday, May 3, 2014

Family hike - Haycock Mountain

Today's destination was Haycock Mountain. It's about an hour's drive from Princeton, maybe a bit more as we came from Lawrenceville instead as our almost 5 year old had soccer practice. The trail is located near Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The trailhead isn't clearly marked, we actually passed it the first time around. There is a small parking area and today it was actually full. At the start you see signs for hunting as the trail is on State Game land. There is nothing that says it is for Haycock mountain, but you do see a trail and a gravel road. We took the trail up and today it was pretty muddy at the start. It actually seemed like we were following a stream up.

The trail wasn't hard to follow until we got to what seemed like a large boulder field. We just followed what looked like a trail and followed the paint on the rocks. There were more than one color, but they seemed to all take you to where you needed to go which was a bunch of rocks. :)

It was a fun hike, and as usual the boys enjoyed climbing on the rocks. There are some parts where we had to be especially careful but in all it was good. The total hike was about 1.5 miles round trip. 

With the hike being so short, we took a side trip into Doylestown, where the Kid's Castle is located. We had been there before and the kids loved it. It's basically a huge castle playground, where inside are ladders, and passageways that lead up to two huge slides you can go down. It's a pretty neat play area for kids.

Well, that was our adventure for today. Tomorrow is my 5K and the kids have their races. :)

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