Thursday, May 8, 2014

Play date & T25 Speed 2.0

Today was supposed to be a 3 mile run plus strength training according to the training schedule, but I know I can't and I usually don't always follow the schedule. Having kids that like to play or just having lots of errands/cleaning to do can mess up a training schedule pretty easily. Collin, my 3 year old had not seen his friends in a while, so I figured it was a good time for a play date. Plus, it's always nice to get in some good adult conversation whenever the chance arises. :)
You know it's a great play date when your son is crying and fighting to stay, when what we really need to do is leave or else his older brother will be wondering why we're late and haven't picked him up at preschool. Poor Collin wanted to stay and even mentioned to me that no one else was leaving yet. I physically had to carry him out of the house to leave. Instances like this are hard, not only for the parent but also for the little guy. Anyhow, it turned out ok once he saw his older brother at preschool.

With no running today at the gym, my only other option was working out at home, so Focus T25 it was. I tried out Beta Speed 2.0.
Wow, what a workout! It's really fast paced and there are lots of moves: out out turns, quick feet up and back, speed +agility, mountain climbers etc.. moves are fast and even some punching. It's a circuit of a bunch of these same moves and more and you just go through them over and over. Awesome workout and as always with these T25 workouts, left me in a nice sweat!

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