Saturday, May 10, 2014

Long Run and Day One in Ricketts Glen

Did my long run this morning since we’re heading to Ricketts Glen after Payton’s soccer practice. Boy was my run tough. I had a feeling it might be bad when I walked out the door and it was humid out. I thought to myself it’ll be alright. It’s not too bad. I was fine for the first two miles but it just went downhill from there. My legs turned to lead, not quite sure why as I’m sure it wasn’t just about the humidity. Maybe it was the 4 miles I ran yesterday, I’m not sure, but I was pooped. I made myself keep going. I figure just run, it doesn’t matter how fast but get your long run in, and I did. I went a lot slower and kept at it. I made myself run for 45 minutes then turn around. I pushed myself for a total of 8.6 miles. It was a tough and slow 8.6 miles, but I did it. :)

When I got home, I quickly showered, ate a quick lunch and then we were off to Rickett’s Glen to go camping. Rickett’s Glen State Park is in Benton, Pennsylvania and is about a 3 hour drive from Princeton. This trip is my Mother’s Day present. It's a great place to spend the weekend doing what I love, hanging out with my boys in the outdoors and hiking (already got my running in). :) We also went last year and it was an awesome time. 

We are staying in a cabin and the cabin’s are fairly nice. Equipped with everything you need: electricity, stove, oven, even a microwave. The boys love it because they get to sleep in a bunk bed. The one thing it does not have is cell phone access or WiFi so I am sitting on my laptop writing this (will be posted when we get back).
It is actually nice to be unplugged. It’s not often this happens…only time is when we go camping. One of my favorite parts of camping is just to relax and spend time around the campfire. Hubby got some wood fairly close by and it was $10 for two barrels! He likes to make a campfires! The boys love it too! We made smores! Gotta make smores whenever we have a fire.
We are excited for tomorrow as we’re hiking the Falls trail hike. 

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