Thursday, May 29, 2014

Training for the week 5/26-6/1

Normally, I would try and get this out on Monday but due to the long weekend and camping, things have been busy. 

Here is my training schedule for the week according to Hal Higdon's intermediate program:
Monday - Stretch & Strengthen
Tuesday -5 mile run
Wednesday - 9 X 400 5K pace
Thursday - 3 mile run & strength
Friday - rest or easy run 3 mile run + strength
Saturday - rest 10 mile long run?
Sunday - 15K race

I was on track on Tuesday and Wednesday, but couldn't do today's workout as I was asked by my 4 and a half year old's teacher if I could help out in his class. I had a great experience volunteering last time, plus she really needed the help, so I couldn't say no. My 3 year old could come as a guest again too, so no babysitter needed.
It was fun helping out. Payton's teaching was doing some testing with the kids, so I had to man the table where she normally would have the kids do worksheets. Today's worksheet, had them coloring all the apples that had the letter A in them. I also helped out with their current art project. They are making crocodiles for their graduation program next week, so I helped monitor them painting the crocodiles.
As to the rest of the week's training. Tomorrow, will be a make up of the work out I missed today. So 3 miles and strength, while Saturday will be my long run (probably 10 miles) since Sunday is Payton's birthday. No longer will he be 4 but 5. Crazy how time flies!

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