Monday, May 19, 2014

Training for the week 5/19-5/25

Today was a great day for a stroll in the park. Had a nice picnic lunch at the park with my boys. Came across a Mom that I had not seen in a while with her son. My boys had a good time playing together with her son and when they were to leave, the Mom told her son to say bye to my boys and also to me. When he turned to me I was expecting a "bye" but what came out was "love you". I smiled and couldn't help but laugh. I thought it was cute. It's so funny to hear what comes out of kids mouths. I'm sure he said it as it's what he tells his parents when he says bye to them. Still very cute and funny in my book. :)

Anyway, here is my training schedule for the week according to Hal Higdon's intermediate program:
Monday - Stretch & Strengthen
Tuesday - 4.5 mile run
Wednesday - 40 minute tempo
Thursday - 3 mile run + strength
Friday - rest
Saturday - 5 mile pace
Sunday - 10 miles

Looking ahead, Tuesday-Thursday are doable, but I'm not sure how I will get the other two runs in. We are planning on going camping with some friends at Elk Neck State Park in Maryland for Memorial Day Weekend. I'm excited for the trip as it'll be some place new and also we'll be tent camping. 

I'm planning to run, I just hope there is a good and safe running route where we are camping. Hopefully I'll at least get my long run in. If not, I may just have to do it when we get back.


  1. Hi Sharon! I live in Maryland and have heard of Elk Neck State Park. I don't know much about it, but I bet you will you be able to get some pretty runs in. Maybe even on a trail! Have a great time :)