Saturday, April 26, 2014

D&R Canal Long Run & Big Red Run 5K next week

Went on my long run and it was perfect weather. This is how beautiful it was. 

I love running on the D&R Canal trail on days like this. The trees looks so pretty. However, the one thing I did dislike about today's run, was there were a bunch of puddles I had to maneuver around at times. I'm not too keen on getting my shoes wet and muddy. Good thing was it was just in a few areas that the mud and puddles were bad, so I guess I shouldn't complain. It's not as bad as when I ran in the snow this last winter. 

The run overall was pretty good. I went for 8 miles this week as I am still 8 weeks out before the Seattle Rock and Roll half Marathon on June 21st.

I do actually have a 5K next weekend. I'll be doing the Big Red Race 5K in Lawrenceville. I've done the race before in 2012. That was the race where I actually got 3rd place in my age group. I remember being so shocked, since I had never won anything for a run before. I got a time of 27:02.6 and got trophy for it, I was pretty happy. It'll probably never happen again that I place in a race, but it's ok. I run not for trophies but for myself, for being fit, and so I can eat that doughnut or handful of pretzel M&Ms. :)

I would have done the race again last year but I ended up doing the Broad Street run (10 miler) instead which is a great run, if you haven't done it before I highly suggest it. The run is the largest 10 miler in the US. As for next weekend's 5K, I'm hoping for a PR. I'm hoping to beat the time I got last time. If not, no biggie, there will be other 5K's. 

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