Friday, April 25, 2014

Focus T25 Alpha Total Body Circuit & Ab Intervals

Today was another Focus T25 day. With my not so great run yesterday on the treadmill, I figured I'd take a break and not run today. Looking at the Focus T25 calendar, Fridays are usually double days, so I thought I would give it a try. I picked out the Alpha- Total Body Circuit & Alpha- Ab Intervals workouts. Boy was I in for a surprise. Both were very tough. Alpha Total Body Circuit started out great but when we got down on the ground and we started doing shoulder taps, plank walks with additions, and spider lunges, and push ups, I was beat! Very tough workout!

It's only 25 minutes, but a very tough and drenching 25 minutes. After the workout, I questioned myself on if I should even try the Ab Intervals workout. I thought I still had some energy left and it's only another 25 minutes, so why not? If anything, I can always follow the person that does the modified (easy version of the moves). That's another thing I like about T25, there is a person on the right hand side of the screen that does a modified version, ( I think her name is Tonya) and you follow her if the moves are too hard. It's nice that they include that, so anyone at any level can do these workouts. I definitely needed to watch Tonya at many parts of this workout. There were many planks, v sits with arms up, oblique push ups, etc. all which are very tough but great for the abs. I liked the workout, but I just need to work on the moves more. 

I'm just happy I did the workout and did the best I could. Yay! It's Friday so, 

Have a great weekend!!