Thursday, April 17, 2014

First Post!


This is my first post and I'm pretty excited to be starting this blog...even if nobody reads it. :p After reading a bunch of other runner blogs, they've inspired me to start up my own. Plus, I like the idea of documenting and sharing my runs and experiences with others. If you want to know how I started running or when, check out the About Me tab.

So the last run I did was the Hot Chocolate 15k in Philly which was great. I got a pretty good time for me, not horrible nor was it a PR (but I guess it was because I had never done a 15k), but in general it was ok. The next big run I'm running in is the Seattle Rock and Roll Half marathon in June. We will be in Seattle visiting friends and family at that time, so I figured it would be cool to do a run there as well. And what's really cool, is I'll be running it with my twin sister. :)

With my mileage already at around 10 miles for the long runs on Sunday, I've been trying to stay close to that. I will probably go down and up a few miles depending on how I'm feeling but so far so good. I usually follow Hal Higdon's Intermediate schedule and have been doing fine with that, but I'm not really sure if I should just go back down or keep up with the 10 miles.

I have also started to incorporate Focus T25 as a workout in my training. Today, I did the Gamma Extreme Circuit and it was pretty good. I used 5lb weights during most of the routine and some parts were pretty brutal especially when Shaun T had us doing push ups that incorporated our triceps. 

I really like these workouts, especially since they are only 25 minutes long and you do work a hard 25 minutes. I'm hoping these workouts will help me with my running.

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