Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Gym Day

Today was a treadmill run. Did 4.5 miles with .5 mile cool down walk. I actually felt pretty strong running, not sure if it's the Focus T25 or if it's because of all the miles I've been running lately. I really enjoy the feeling of not being so tired on the treadmill. I have also been trying something new. Lately, I'm starting out at slower speed, then gradually increasing. I started with a speed of 6.2 for a few minutes and then was at 6.5 for majority of the time until the end where in the last .5 mile, I went up to a speed 7.2. In all, it was a good run at the gym. My legs weren't tired and I felt I could have stayed on longer. With that said, today was a great treadmill run day.

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