Monday, April 28, 2014

Signed up for the Wineglass 1/2 Marathon today

I'm excited because today I signed up for the Wineglass 1/2 Marathon in Corning, NY. A friend of mine mentioned she was thinking about doing the run, and I told her I was definitely interested. I'm not even sure if she signed up yet, but I wanted to get registered sooner rather than later, as according to the site's website the run sold out last year by Memorial day weekend. I'm so excited for the run, I'd run it even if she decided not to run it. :p I even went as far as searching for accommodations before I registered. To my surprise, many of the area hotels were already booked. Pretty much all of the ones in Corning are already booked, unless you want to spend a lot of money in a really nice hotel (something we don't have right now, especially as a SAHM). But, I guess that's what I get when a race is so popular and I register later than most people. 

I did find that the Erwin Motel had rooms still available and it's about 10 minutes from Corning. The man on the phone stated $64 a night, so I was like ok. I'll reserve it. I checked online and the reviews were ok for the price, sorta like you get what you pay for. I figure it's ok, as we're only there for one night. I can always still cancel the reservation, if I find something else that's decent priced and still available. The drive from Princeton to Corning is about 4 hours. So we'll get there Saturday and leave Sunday. 

I'm pretty excited about this run because it'll be in a state I haven't ran in before. I can tell people that I ran in NY, in Corning for the Wineglass 1/2. It's a small town with a popular glass museum (where the expo is this year) and I've heard it's a popular run for both the full and half marathons. I'm excited that the medal is made of glass and that we also get champagne and a glass along with a long sleeve T. The run's got some pretty good schwag and that's something I'm always excited about when I look at a race. :) To top things off, I hear the run is supposed to be flat, fast and scenic. Maybe I will actually PR in this run!

As far as runs go, looks like this is my schedule:

I'm looking forward to all these runs this year!

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