Thursday, April 24, 2014

Treadmill Thursday

Today was another treadmill day. Goal was to do 5 miles. I felt ok for the first two miles, but then I started getting tired. I definitely wasn't feeling as strong as I was a couple of days ago. I kept thinking to myself "I can't stop, I can do this. I can't stop, I can do this". That helped me and I also slowed my speed down. I started at a speed of 6.0, went up slowly to 6.5, then back down to 6.0. 

The Rachael Ray show also helped as it was entertaining watching about crashing weddings and they even got a couple to get married on the air on a whim. Lucky couple got everything paid for, including the bride's dress, and the honeymoon! LOL, see! Watching tv at the gym can get your mind off of how long a run you are doing, and it definitely helps in making the time go by.

Anyway, close to the end of my 5 miles, I did my usual sprint at the end, where I ended at a speed of 7.2. I'm just happy I did the 5 miles I said I would do today. I did do a cool down with a walk for another 5 minutes. 

As I look at the calender, it looks like I've got about 8 weeks until the Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Thinking about the run, I think my goal is to try for running it in under 2 hours. I think it is very doable. I think the key to reaching my goal is to strengthen my core more and also do more speed work. The long runs help too, to keep my endurance level up.

Below is a pic of my kiddos. Just thought I'd include them in today's post as they are my cutie pies. It was taken at the playground today, they were being silly and putting dirt on the slide then sliding down. They are amused by things like that so easily.  :)

Anyone have any races coming up? What are your goals for them?

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