Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Focus T25 workout day.

Today was a Focus T25 workout day. The kiddos had a playdate in the morning to go to, so I saw this was the only workout I could get in before we had to leave. I chose to do the Alpha speed 1.0 workout. 

It focused on speed, stretch, and stability. This workout is a bit different from any I've done so far, as we did a lot of quick moves (jogging in place, hop hop turning, burpees with kicks etc.) and then Shaun T would have us stop to do some stretching, and then right back to the fast moves. 

It worked out great as you are in need of a little rest, but I've just never seen a workout put together that way where you would do some stretching in the middle of it all. I actually liked how it was different in that aspect. I also like how you know you are working your core and how he incorporated some punch moves that reminded me of body combat. Burnouts sessions are the best. This is when he has you going back to key exercises and pushes you harder and faster. In all this was another great workout that left me with some serious sweat at the end.

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