Monday, April 21, 2014

Marathon Monday - Thoughts on today's Boston Marathon

What an amazing day of running! Thousands of people all gathering to run 26.2 miles in a great city. This is the first time I actually took the time to watch it, and wow, what an inspiration it has given me. These runners are amazing! They push themselves so hard and look so strong. 

Congrats to Meb Keflezighi,who became the first American male to win since 1983. I loved watching him cross the finish line. It was so emotional. Such an amazing moment.

Photo from cbsports

I've also got to mention Shalane Flanagan. She was my inspiration to watch today. She didn't win but she ran an incredible race and was just plain awesome. She PR'd with a great time. She didn't win today but I'm sure we'll see more of her.

I myself have never ran a full marathon, only half marathons. With just doing half marathons I know exactly how difficult they can be so when I think another 13.1 miles after running a half, it just sounds crazy and exhausting. But watching today, I know it can be done. Even if I have to go at a slower pace, I think I can do it. So, with that being said, it will be one of my long term goals. Maybe a Walt Disney world marathon in the future? Or if I ever get into the NYC Marathon lottery? We shall see. :)

On a side note, I did work out today. I really wanted to go for a run, but that didn't happen with watching the marathon this morning and all the errands/cleaning I needed to do, it was too late for me to go to the gym with the boys. However, I did do Focus T25's Beta Core Cardio workout. Another great workout with Shaun T. Hard at parts, especially on the floor with the plank taps. I think I really need to work on my arm strength since I had so much difficulty with those. Anyhow, it left me in a nice sweat. I love how they are only 25 minutes and you see the clock right on the screen so you now how much time is left. 

I actually can't wait till after I do the Seattle Rock and Roll half, that way I can actually follow the T25 schedule the correct way and see if I get the results others have been getting when doing these workouts.

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