Sunday, April 27, 2014

Family hike at Point Mountain Preserve

With today being a rest day from running, it meant family hike day. :) The weather wasn't bad, partly cloudy and a little cooler than last week, but in all decent weather for hiking. 
Today's hike, we ventured to Hunterdon County, where Point Mountain Preserve is located. According to Google Maps, it was about an hour and 10 minute drive to get there from Princeton. 
At the trailhead

From the parking lot, we weren't quite sure where to go at first glance. Then my husband noticed the orange markers. Luckily he had a map of where we were supposed to go. This is the map he had. We were to follow the orange markers until we got to the blue. It was interesting, because most of the orange part was walking through old corn fields. Once, we got to the blue, we got really close to the river, the Musconetcong river and it was pretty nice. We even saw a fisherman in the water with his waders on fishing.
Along the river
After following the upper blue markers along the river, we came to a point where we veered left to follow the orange markers. At this part, we were heading up the ridge to the mountain. The kids really enjoyed the rock parts and scrambling up following the orange markers along the way.
Heading up
It was .5 mile up to the overlook. Both boys made it all the way up on their own. They did a great job. The scenic overlook has a nice view. The only thing I disliked about it was the graffiti on the rocks. It just made a beautiful rock of nature look pretty ugly. It also makes for a bad picture. 
To get down, we followed the orange markers down the ridge and crossed a little creek, before getting down to the corn fields and to the parking lot. 
Point Mountain
I enjoyed the hike. The whole hike was 3 miles, perfect for the kiddos. I liked the scenery- seeing the river, scrambling up the rocks, and a nice view at the overlook made it all worth it.

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