Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rainy Wednesday & 72 miles in April!

Woke up to rain this morning and it's still raining. Seems the rain just won't stop today. Some roads are even closed due to flooding right now. I just want it to stop and for spring to come back and stay!!

 According to my Smashrun report for April, I logged in 72 miles for the month. Not bad!

I'm happy with it. I really like Smashrun, because I never really had a way to keep track of my miles in a nice report like Smashrun has. It's a lot easier to read and pleasing to the eyes than the reports right now on Garmin. You can check them out here: Smashrun. Another cool thing about Smashrun is that when you import your runs from Garmin, or whatever device you keep track of your runs on, it imports everything. So you have an all time mileage, which is pretty cool. Mine isn't totally complete as I didn't use to log my treadmill runs in, but now that I have this, I've been manually logging them in. It will be nice to see my overall miles for the rest of the year!

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